Lash Lift, Perm & Tint

Need An Alternative To Eyelash Extensions? Then Consider Getting A Lash Lift/Perm That Gives You Long-Lasting Curves To Your Natural Lashes


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Throw Away Your Eyelash Curler!

The lash lift adds a semi-permanent curl to your eyelash that lasts for weeks!

Unlike perming rods used in the past to curl the lashes, new specially created silicone pads are used for better and realistic results.

Your natural lashes are lengthened and lifted up from the root to create a more natural eyelash curl.

  • Eyelash Lift Perm + Tinting: $85 (1hr)
  • Eyelash Lift Perm: $70 (45 min)

You can still use your favorite mascara also, which will make your lashes pop even more! (Pretty awesome, right?!)


Want To Upgrade Your Lashes Even More?

  • Free Eyelash Growth (Free): We'll finish off your service with a Keratin Boost Serum applied to your lashes that will make your lashes healthier and grow faster.
  • Add Eyelash Tinting: To make your light-colored lashes "pop" more, a eyelash tint is recommended (both can be done together with your perm).

Are You A Fit For The Eyelash Perm?

  • You already have thick and long lashes but just want an extra curve
  • Your lashes point straight or downward and you'd like to lift them up a bit
  • You don't want the hassle of eyelash extensions but still want some "pop" in your lashes

So do you qualify? Because...

... the best part of a lash treatment is the aftercare! It's so much easier to maintain and last longer than a classic or volume eyelash extension.

  • Just avoid steam/saunas/swimming/facial treatments for 24 hours.
  • Also, make sure to avoid rubbing/wet mascara/and any other harsh products on your eyes and eyelashes.
  • Using saunas and steam rooms often may also weaken the effect of your lash lift!

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